Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the WJCC Schools Foundation?
  • The WJCC Schools Foundation is a community-based organization focused on supporting initiatives through individual grants to enrich teaching, inspire learning and maximize innovative opportunities for all students in the Williamsburg-James City County school district.
  • The Foundation partners with teachers, staff and administrators, to provide resources that enable and support innovative and creative instructional approaches.
  • Grants must support the division’s strategic plan or school-specific goals and objectives to enhance student academic performance.
What does the WJCC Schools Foundation mean by “innovative”?

 “Innovative” is intended to describe an initiative, project or proposal that introduces a creative way to achieve something that is established – perhaps a current objective.  An innovative proposal may introduce new methods or apply existing methods in a new way, employing new ideas or products.  An innovative proposal may or may not introduce something for the first time.

“Innovative” projects and ideas are not required to include technical equipment, devices or traditional technology, nor do they need to involve science or math.

You might think about innovative in the following terms:

  • Ingenious, Breaking new ground, Inventive, Original, Avant-garde, Breaking New Ground, Cutting-Edge, Leading-edge, Newfangled, Original, State of the art, Prolific, Visionary, Clever, Cool, Out-of-the-box, Inspired or Stimulating
  • Might involve something – or a technique – that is employed in other learning environments but is not currently employed at your grade level or in your school
  • Will help drive and stimulate student learning/progress in a new way
  • Represent the implementation of techniques or approaches that would not be available without grant funding
If I have questions about my grant application, what kind of support is available?
  • If you are unable to locate the answer to your question on the Schools Foundation website or if you are unable to find the answer to your question in this FAQ, help is available via email at
  • Two grant workshops will be held to provide an overview of the application process and to answer questions from interested parties.  Both will be held in the James Blair Administration Building in Room 116.  The dates and times are Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 4 to 5 p.m. and Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.
Is there a minimum or maximum dollar amount for the grants?
  • Grants will be funded up to $2000 per request
  • Grant requests do not need to be for a certain dollar amount.  Small dollar amount grant requests receive the same consideration as larger dollar amount grant requests.
Is there a minimum number of students that must be impacted by the grant?
  • No, there is no minimum number of students impacted in the evaluation.  This is general information collected to assess the impact of the grants. The number of students involved does not influence the awarding of grants.
What are the elements of a successful grant application?
  • Two grant workshops will address this information.
  • Guidelines and suggestions can be found on the WJCC Schools Foundation website
  • Questions may also be addressed by email at
Who will need to approve and sign my grant application?
  • Your school Principal will need to approve and sign the cover page of your application.
  • If you are seeking to purchase IT or media equipment with the funding, you will also need the approval and signature of the Senior Director of Technology, Brian Landers (, (757) 603-6400).
In awarding grants, is there a preference for certain grade-levels or schools?
  • The grant review/evaluation process is school and grade-level blind.  The committee that evaluates grant applications is not provided school or grade-level information.
  • The WJCC Schools Foundation has funded head-start, elementary, middle and high school grants.
Am I allowed to apply for a grant for a project that will be partially funded by other sources?
  • Applicants are allowed to apply for grants to fund projects that are also receiving funding from other sources.  In these instances the application must detail the sources of all funds required to complete the project.  The WJCC Schools Foundation will verify sources of all funding prior to award.
Can I reapply for a previously funded grant or reapply year-to-year?
  • Applicants can re-apply for a project that is similar to a project that was previously awarded; however, the new project must contain a new and/or creative or innovative aspect to the project.
  • The WJCC Schools Foundation does not fund recurring grants for additional year.  The grants are intended to focus on new and innovative ideas.
  • There is no prohibition preventing a previously awarded grant applicant from applying for a new project.
Will I be provided reasons why my application was not awarded a grant?
  • It is important to recognize that the awarding of grants is a competitive process.  However, applicants who are not awarded a grant will receive feedback highlighting key observations.
Is information available regarding previously funded grants?
  • A full listing of previously funded grants is found on the WJCC Schools Foundation website.